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Teach you how to choose quality faucets



The purchase of ordinary Faucets Market , except the view, the most important is the choice of quality. High quality water should pay attention to the following 6 methods and steps.

1. Look at the surface LED Faucets .

The surface water usually adopts nickel chromium plating technology, the normal product requirements are relatively high, the surface gloss uniformity, no burr, pores, spots and other oxidation.

2, handle

The upper part of the main components of the valve box is generally made of cast brass, brass coating quality is better, the surface layer is not easy to corrosion. Inferior products in some places the use of alloy materials and engineering plastics to replace, in order to reduce costs, so that the service life and quality will be greatly reduced. It is recommended to buy when trying to use brass materials leading. A larger proportion of brass can be used to evaluate heavy brass , hold hands in heavy, can feel the presence of gravity. Low density of the alloy material, soft touch, uniform gravity. Engineering plastics in the hands of light.
In addition, direct contact with drinking water GB parts, not to allow the use of zinc alloy materials.

3, listen to the sound

A good leader should be a whole cast brass, brass made a dull sound. If the sound is clear and is generally stainless steel or alloy materials, the quality is poor to a new level.

4, touch angle seam

Good faucets with rounded edges without burr, sharp edges, etc.. In addition, the joint between the main parts of the joint is very close, not loose dynamic.

5, one-way valve accessories

Quality is the key of the Antique Faucets for Sale valve on the valve spool, faucet the process accurately, the swinging drive can feel loose not tight, lightweight, non blocking.
In addition, faucet ceramics and easy rolling crack, should pay attention to the filtering function, so as not to affect the life.

6, look at the warranty card and identification mark

Light factory general to carry out strength, Shower Faucets, test traffic performance, noise, life, conventional manufacturer's product and warranty card and manufacturer's brand identity and after-sales service and product details of the relationship. Although some informal products often paste some paper labels, but the purchase must be carefully.

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