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Bright and colorful LED faucet


 TAGS:undefinedTo make your life full of color a high-tech electronic products, Faucets Market can free will you wash basin become splendor, the outflow of water column is full of shiny crystal clear, your hands will become gradually the dream world, the wave light.

LED Faucets lights, now the world is a popular high-tech electronic products, free installation on the faucet, turn on the faucet, the water temperature below 40 degrees, is flashing blue lights, illuminate the wash basin and the water column, when the water temperature is higher than 40 degrees, automatic conversion for the bright red light, remind your distinguished water temperature is too high, careful hot. A very convenient and practical Antique Faucets for Sale, good-looking and fun.

Products with different temperature, the performance of three colors:

When the water temperature is below 25 degrees, the green

When the water temperature at 25 degrees between the sides of blue

When the water temperature at 35 degrees between 45 degrees, red

When the water temperature exceeds 45 degrees, red flashing to remind you to be careful to avoid being burned Oh

Life in the pursuit of quality of you, of course, want their own life is full of color, then hurry up! Buy a world of popular Shower Faucets lights, you can have a colorful life

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