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Bathtub taps installation need to pay attention to what matters


 TAGS:undefinedAlways want to have a brass bath taps uk house, a busy day after coming back to the bubble bath, although not personally installed, but would like to ask about the supervision, how to install the bathtub, need to pay attention to what matters in the installation process?

First, test whether the water leakage

Well before installing the Bathtub Taps water fittings, do 24 hours to see whether there is a closed water bath, Water Leakage phenomenon, we must pay special attention to the overflow of water. 24 hours to close the water is difficult to do, outside the bathroom, pour two barrels of water, try to make the best of the bathtub to water, so the operation is more convenient. When the actual installation, directly to the bathtub carried into the bathroom, put in the water position, due to water when tap water left position just is the width of the bathtub, bathtub and water if the size is not exactly, it is necessary to pay attention to the center point of the bathtub should center on his water, otherwise the future placement after mixing tap would be ugly.

Second, leveling bath

In the other end of attention when installing the bathtub drain outlet end is higher than that of the poor sewage, so that in the future. This point depends on the situation. The observation to the bottom of the bath was set aside drainage slope, using the level of the bathtub four side after leveling put water testing, water quickly drained fruit It is as expected. Bath in the visual to maintain a level of beauty, and does not affect the effect of drainage.

Third, fill sand

Cast iron bathtub although strong, but its thermal conductivity is very fast, should be used in river sand, at the bottom of the bath shop, smashing real prison. Wagong also suggested to consider foam, foam as sand with liquidity, is suitable to fill all voids. The process of filling the river sand, how can make the sand not leak into the water pipes is a problem to be solved. All the work finished once again placed drainage test (this step is to make sure that no behind mobile launching Water Leakage), to determine the correct, just waiting to build Wagong skirt.

Fourth, maintenance mouth

In the water leaving the mouth high and 300 mm wide and 400 mm hole, according to the size of the interception of a port, according to the size of the interception done waterproof, anti-corrosion treatment of wood (40 mm thickness), the number of bricks on the board according to the calculated and arranged 903 building glue tiles affixed on the board. Put a sealant on the edge of the brick and set it on the box.
Fifth, tiling

The bathtub Antique Shower taps skirt is not required to grab the tiles, brick built table, put a layer of cement mortar on the surface, and then two days later the tiling can tile is very troublesome, because the ground left slope, and the bathtub is flat, so every piece of brick should be polished into different sizes, can not a lot of grinding, easy grinding, repeated grinding. The above to brick round edge into the bathtub, so that it will not form a positive angle.

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